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NutriBullet- Just Another Expensive Gadget?

There’s always a new kitchen gadget being advertised, from apple cutters to bread makers, they range in their functionality, adaptability and longevity and are all marketed as time savers, easy to use and absolutely worth the expense! But how many of them actually are all of those things? Well, the multi-functioning vegetable chopper would save… Continue reading NutriBullet- Just Another Expensive Gadget?

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How to Encourage Kids to make HEALTHY Food Choices

My work as a fitness professional and sports coach, has meant that I have always had a keen interest in nutrition. However, when it comes to kids (especially my own!), all the knowledge in the world won’t help unless they understand how different foods effect their well-being, give them energy, help them grow etc. I have always… Continue reading How to Encourage Kids to make HEALTHY Food Choices