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Healthy in a Hurry- Breakfast

I generally refer to mornings in our house as a military operation! Time is precious and to get everyone clothed, cleaned, fed and out of the house on time, it requires a Sargent Major- me! Cereal is therefore the obvious breakfast choice for speed and ease but, it doesn’t help that lately, I’ve become a… Continue reading Healthy in a Hurry- Breakfast

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Tips to Treat Colds, Coughs and Croup

“Mummy, I think I need alcohol” my then 3 year old (the middle one- Lou) said innocently. “Sorry darling, what did you say?” thinking I’d miss heard. “Alcohol Mummy. I poorly” “Oh you mean Calpol!” I giggled to myself thinking, “That’s one for the baby book!” With three of them, it’s constant! The nasal drips… Continue reading Tips to Treat Colds, Coughs and Croup