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The Countdown to High School Has Begun!

Seven years of infant/ primary school are coming to an end. The countdown to high school has begun.

Buzymum - Stationary

The final weeks of term are set to be a series of events, marking the year group’s departure, their achievements and waving them off to their new schools. The residential trip is looming, for many, the longest time that they will have been away from home. In a few weeks they will be celebrating at their ‘Leavers Party’, where us parents will be enjoying a drink together and probably shedding a tear or two, marking the end of an era. The Year 6 production will take centre stage during their penultimate week and a leavers assembly on their final day at school, will see more tears (mostly from the parents, I suspect)! There’s already a tear in my eye at the thought of it!

The big fish in their little pond will soon be little fish, once again.

It only seems like yesterday when she wouldn’t go into her reception class room, if I didn’t promise to wave at the window and when hugs and kisses were given plentifully, even in front of friends. I remember the day she announced that she would read the bedtime story and how her siblings sat patiently, as she read to them, attempting expression and silly voices. Since beginning school, she’s discovered a love of art, writing and general creativity, she’s found a talent in languages and a passion for judo. She’s shown huge strength of character and determination to overcome dyslexic difficulties, despite being diagnosed fairly late. She has developed into her own person, in her own way, she’s grown so much already and there’s so much more still to come, so much more for her to discover. I’m so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Buzymum - My feelings about my oldest child moving on to secondary school, learning to let go and let her make her own mistakes. My baby is growing up and its hard!

I guess the hard part in all of this, is knowing that as she grows, she needs us, as parents, less and less. We will no longer be, the centre of her life. Of course, we will still be an important part but up until now, we have controlled most of what she does, who she does it with, what she sees, hears, eats, everything. It will be hard to step back from that.

I will no longer be, the centre of her universe.

Now, I have to learn to let go, to stand back and watch her grow, to be there when I’m needed but to let her do it her way. Her way is so different from mine, her approach, her logic, our brains are wired differently, my way doesn’t work for her, so why push it? She’s so ready to move on, to take that next step, to grow up a bit more but there’s a little voice in the back of my head screaming,


Buzymum - K and Lou walking to school

How have you coped with allowing your child to grow up? Have you been able to let go? What were your worries when they started secondary school?

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15 thoughts on “The Countdown to High School Has Begun!

    1. Thanks Becky! It’s the loss of control that’s giving me the jitters- and I didn’t think I was a particularly controlling parent! She’s a really good girl so I know she’ll be fine, I can’t imagine how parents of a more rebellious child would cope!! Just have to hope sensibility wins in the choices she makes 😫😫


  1. Yes I have been through this! I have one in sixth form and one in year 10. They still need quite a bit of help in year 7. It’s year 9 that I found an emotional rollercoaster! Good luck! #tweensteensbeyond


  2. All the nods here Sonia and thanks for joining us here at #tweensteensbeyond. It’s lovely to have you. I am also a Year 6 parent. Our daughter leaves this year and well, it’s all going on isn’t it. The feelings – happy, nostalgic, emotional – they are all around aren’t they. I have started to pen a few words on this very subject. If I’m honest, I’ve been preparing since last September. The next few weeks should be a roller coaster but it’s great to know that we are all in this little boat together here.

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      1. Ooh I hope it went OK. Ours is tomorrow. Then the parent meeting. Fortunately, they know their classes in advance this end are are very accepting that they are not with friends. Hope you have a happy girl home soon x

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  3. Oh Sonia this does bring back a lot of memories. It is an emotional time but I found with both of mine that they were definitely ready to move on and embrace new challenges and even friends! Secondary parenting is so very different. There is not so much involvement from the parents as at primary and that is a bit of a jolt but equally understandable as it is all about preparing young adults for the world that lies ahead. We have had an emotional and hectic week with our eldest leaving school and looking ahead to university and that has been an equally emotional period but again they are ready for those new challenges too. I hope everything goes smoothly for her, I am sure it will and you will love watching her flourish. Thanks so much for joining us, hope to see you again. #TweensTeensBeyond


    1. Thank you! She’s oozing confidence at the moment so I think she’s gonna be fine! It just doesn’t seem so long ago that she was starting preschool!! Time really does fly! I can’t imagine how you must be feeling!! Xx


  4. Nooooo! It’s not true! I honestly thought I’d be needed less once my daughter started secondary school, but I’m not. If anything she needs me more, and I’ve been busier this year than ever, although in different ways. (Running around at 10pm on a Sunday looking for black olives was one of them)! Plus their social life really takes off, and they need you to be involved in that, and they so much to remember and organise. But year 7 is an amazing year, filled with incredible opportunities. Once I got my head round it, I’ve loved it.
    Love that you get to go to the leavers party!

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  5. They’re grown before you realise, aren’t they? High/secondary school flies past much quicker though so make the most of the time before they’re heading off into the world alone x #tweensteensbeyond

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    1. Don’t say that!! Things seem to be speeding along already! It’s definitely true to say that you should savour every moment when they are little!! xx


  6. Oh gosh I know where you are coming from. My youngest leaves primary this month and it is fair to say that I am an emotional wreck. I am so anxious about her starting high school despite the fact that her two elder sisters have already been there! We will get through this together! Thank you so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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