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Overcoming Dyslexic Difficulties

**Warning** soppy post alert! Proud mummy gets mushy!!! The word ‘proud’ isn’t strong enough to describe how I feel about K’s latest school report. It was just an end of term brief really, stating how much they have progressed, attitude to learning and where they are in relation to what is expected for their age,… Continue reading Overcoming Dyslexic Difficulties


New Year Brings Queues for the Showers & Epic Gym Fails!!

New Years resolutions are now in full swing and that can only mean one thing! The January gym brigade have descended, and with them will come the inevitable, epic, gym fails! In their brand new, luminous, far too expensive for the amount of use it’s going to get, designer kit, they are wondering about, very… Continue reading New Year Brings Queues for the Showers & Epic Gym Fails!!

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Pork and Apple Cheesy Pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday looming, I’ve been trying to think of some different pancake recipes to try. The kids love the sweet versions so I thought maybe a savoury recipe would go down well, especially if there’s enough batter left to make some extras for dessert or a breakfast treat the following morning! It’s also a… Continue reading Pork and Apple Cheesy Pancakes