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Now It’s December, Let The Christmas Festivities Begin!

The kids have already been driving me potty, singing Christmas songs ready for plays and concerts. I’m pretty sure mince pies replaced the hot cross buns after Easter this year and there was certainly some Christmassy stuff sneaking into the shops in September with the rest bombarding the shelves as soon as the doors closed on Halloween!

If I’m listening to Christmas music in advance of December, I’m absolutely sick of it by Christmas Day! The magic of Christmas is lost in the monotony of Slade on repeat, in shops around the country (or possible the world!) with Christmas lights going on in town centers before we even get a proper frost!

 Buzymum - Now it's December, let the Christmas festivities begin

I’m not a Scrooge, really I’m not, but Christmas doesn’t start in November (or October for that matter)! I have actively resisted all forms of Christmas until now, apart from the shopping (the sooner that’s done, the better) and the blogging (ideas for Christmas are allowed before December) but music and decoration are a definite no, no!

Another reason why I don’t want it starting too soon, is that my lot are getting older and with K already over on ‘the dark side’ since 2014 (she was nearly 9), I’m trying to avoid the inevitable questioning that comes with keeping the magic alive, as they grow up. Despite my best efforts to answer awkward questions, K pushed and pushed until I finally broke, took her to one side and burdened her with the knowledge that she would now have to guard from her siblings! She was told, in no uncertain terms, it was a highly earned privilege to have this information and that no matter what her siblings did or said, she could not divulge said knowledge or risk a fate worse than death (no presents on Christmas morning)! When I told her this, I’m pretty sure she was actually disappointed I’d given in and immediately regretted asking so many questions but what else could I do? Her face fell and I felt terrible. I just didn’t want the younger ones to keep hearing her doubting (honest and too-close-to-the-truth) questions and have the magic lost forever! My worries were, however, short-lived as once she came to terms with the idea, her imagination and dramatic character embellished the fantasy more for her younger siblings and even Lou (8) isn’t showing signs of doubt just yet! 

Buzymum - K & Lou Christmas pic
It was all so much simpler when they were this age!!

Now it’s December, I can’t wait to help them finish their Christmas lists (and check them twice), put up our decorations and sprinkle reindeer food in the garden (oats and glitter) on Christmas Eve so that Rudolf is sure not to miss us! I hope it snows but I hope it’s clear skies on Christmas Eve so that we can see Santa flying high over-head (the International Space Station) just after night-fall, on his way to refuel before continuing his rounds.

I love sitting with a glass of mulled mine, wrapping presents when the kids are in bed. I love doing the last bit of shopping in a shop playing cheesy, dated Christmas music. I love indulging in the mythical magic, that is Santa and all his reindeer, presents and sleigh. I love my children’s faces on the morning of Christmas Day.

 So, now it’s December, let the Christmas festivities begin!

How are you keeping the magic alive for your older children? Have your Christmas festivities begun or are they still in the planning? When do you think Christmas activities should start?

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20 thoughts on “Now It’s December, Let The Christmas Festivities Begin!

  1. I have two younger brothers, and I used to love being “in on the secret” with my parents, and helping to make it more magical for them. My bedroom was in the attic and I used to tell my brothers that I’d heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof.

    Also, I’m totally with you – Christmas doesn’t start until December but…now it IS December so I am totally going all out for Christmas! #ABloggingGoodTime

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  2. Oh I’m totally with you. Christmas starts in December. When the doors start opening on advent calendars, that’s when I start to feel Christmassy and want to decorate and listen to Christmas music. We also hope for a clear night to watch for Father Christmas too 😉 The only thing I start early is the Christmas shopping. Get that out of the way! #FabFridayPost

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  3. December, definitely. My kids are still young and to be honest I don’t really know how to break it to them when they are a little older. But I do love the festivities and all. Sound like you will have a great Christmas planned ahead! Thank you so much for linking up with us and I hope you are enjoying the readings on #FabFridayPost Happy Christmas! Yes! I can say that now. 🙂 xx

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  4. Christmas party def in December. We get into the groove after the 10th of dec, decorating, singing, writing cards…We put up the christmas tree one week before Christmas, one year we put it up on a christmas eve! About telling my kids about the “real” Santa, I guess time will come soon, as they are 8 and 9 and my older son is showing some doubt as all the classmates are telling him there’s no Santa! I don’t know why parents have to stop the magic of Christmas so soon. I wish my kids believed it a few more years;))#EatSleepBlogRT

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  5. I always find the Father Christmas thing really tricky. Mine believe, (6&4)but when they ask me about it I throw it back to them asking them what they think. It works so far!! Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost

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  6. Totally agree it can get a bit much for everyone if you start too early – my eldest was a little monkey (polite way of saying it!) on Christmas Day last year and I’m sure it was because it had all got too much for him. Am keeping it much more low-key this year! #bigpinklink x

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  7. I’m with you. I try to get all of my shopping done and cards written in November, but the music and decorations and fun stuff are reserved for December. Once it gets to the first though that’s it! I’m like a highly excitable elf for the entire month! It’s so sad when they “go over to the dark side isn’t it?” I think a little bit of me still believes! There’s certainly something magic about the whole thing and I like to think that while he might not exactly climb down my chimney, he is very much responsible for that. Enjoy your December lovely. Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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  8. I’m not going to lie…. Christmas started early in our household this year. I’m normally one for waiting until December but our 3 year old is really understanding Christmas for the first time and she’s been so excited I caved and put the tree up in…….. November (sorry!) Its so lovely to hear about how your eldest is being now she knows the secret! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

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  9. Reading your post made me want it done now!!! I can’t wait to have my presents and al the nice food. I must admit, I hate when you have all the xmas songs playing in the shops in November! Every year, I swear, they start it earlier! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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  10. I completely agree with you on the Christmas music being played far too early! The is hard to keep things magical for older kids. We just try to make it as much of a family day as we can.

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  11. That’s so lovely that your oldest is doing such a good job keeping the magic alive! My son is 5 and still a big believer, but I really hope when he learns the truth he’ll be just as good as keeping the secret for his little sister. x #KCACOLS

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