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Damn You, Hormones!!

If you read the blog regularly or know me personally, you will know that you pretty much have to be dying to get any sympathy from me! I do not tolerate unnecessary whining, and crying should be an indication of something serious, not a minor ailment. I would often pretend not to see, when my toddler fell over, knowing full well that any eye contact would result in tears, whether there was an injury or not! I think it stems back to being a gymnast myself, and then an elite coach, where, to get to the top, you work through ripped hands (blisters) and little niggles. Only the toughest make it in any elite sport but gymnastics is certainly one of the more demanding for both body and mind. In short, I just don’t do crying!!

Buzymum - Damn you, hormones

Consequently, my children do not dissolve into tears for no apparent reason and generally speaking, they can be calmed relatively quickly and I therefore know instantly if an injury requires more attention. That is, until recently, when hormones have suddenly appeared from nowhere and K has turned into a blubbering wreck!

At first I thought maybe she was coming down with something, then, that maybe there was a problem at school, but there seemed to be no logic or consistency in her tears. She’s always been a bad sleeper, struggling to get to sleep, suffering night terrors and rising early. Now, I can’t get her out of bed and she’s always tired, being tired equals tears and it’s just continuing in a vicious cycle! This morning she cried from waking up until we got to school with the only reason being that she was tired- she literally couldn’t control herself! I hadn’t even considered hormonal changes being the cause of it, she’s 10, not a teen, 10! Although, she has begun to develop, I didn’t think the hormones would have such an instant and dramatic effect and being my first born, I’m completely un-prepared and struggling to cope with it!! “Don’t you remember what it was like?” I hear you cry! Well no, I don’t! I really don’t recall feeling overly emotional to the point that I couldn’t control it and according to my mum, I didn’t go through a ‘Kevin & Perry’ teenage stage either (she had my brother for that!!), maybe I’m an alien…….

Anyway, I am now trying to deal with an hormonal 10 year old, who cannot be reasoned with or easily consoled, has become more clumsy and forgetful than before and cannot sleep but is constantly tired. Ring any bells anyone?!? Far more recently in my life, the hormonal effects I lacked during puberty, were more than made up for during pregnancy! Now that I’ve made the connection and see the similarities, I’m finding it much easier to deal with and make allowances for. Everything seems to have come at once for K, with school stepping up a notch, exams, preparing for the transition to secondary, puberty and her desire to be more independent. It’s so much to deal with at 10 and I feel like I just haven’t prepared her, mainly because I wasn’t prepared myself! They say that children are growing up earlier and starting puberty sooner but I honestly thought that was due to bad diet and being over-weight. As K is small and has always eaten a well balanced diet of non-processed foods, I hadn’t considered things starting so soon. Research also suggests that the onset of puberty is often hereditary, and with my history of starting periods at 13, I assumed the girls would be later too- we shall see!!

I may be an unsympathetic, hard nose cow when it comes to minor illness and injury but hormonal changes are literally thrown upon our babies without warning- how can I be unsympathetic to that? It’s definitely a learning curve for all of us and hopefully, I’ll be more prepared when Lou catches up in a couple of years. J has that time to build his ‘man-cave’ at the end of the garden where he and the Boy can hide, at certain times of the month!!

How have you coped with your emotional, hormonal pre-teen? Any advice or experience that you have with all of this, would be greatly appreciated.

Damn you, hormones!!

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27 thoughts on “Damn You, Hormones!!

  1. I’ve heard about pre-teen puberty. It’s scary, what’s happening to our kids, dealing with hormonal changes at this young age. My kids are 8 and 9 and I’m quite terrified of what’s comming…I hope your daughter will feel better soon, perhaps you could see some alternatives for balancing hormones (I have good experience with homeopathy)?

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  2. I work with children this age and see precisely this in the young girls in my class. It is so difficult and challenging for them and social relationships can become a minefield. Hang in there!!! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

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  3. I swear teenagers are starting so much younger than before! Those were the worst years of my life and I completely sympathise with you and your daughter. It sucks that there is nothing that can be done to make it better and waves just have to be ridden! #ablogginggoodtime

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  4. Hi Sonia, I was reading this and nodding enthusiastically. My daughter who is now 13, hit puberty at 10 so like yours went through all the hormone issues just as she was taking her exams for secondary school. She was one of only two girls in this situation at her primary and it was tough. Everythng just seemed to change overnight. I am actually in the midst of drafting a post on this as she really suffers and am currently taking her to a doctor to get her checked out. She is very moody pre her period, permanently tired and can sleep forever given half the chance. I do suffer terribly myself so I can do sympathetic very well but it is tough. I also make sure she eats well and give her Ferroglobin daily which has been an enormous help actually. Otherwise unfortunately it is just a case of riding it out. #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Good to know I’m not alone! She does eat well- she also has attention deficit and if her diet is bad, I see huge deterioration in her ability to concentrate. I hadn’t thought about supplements so will look into Ferroglobin- thanks xx


  5. My eldest is 12 and he’s doing quite well on the hormone front, touch wood! I worry that my girls will be harder work, kids seem to be getting hormones way earlier these days! Hang on in there! Thank you for linking with #kcacols

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  6. Yes, rings bells! My daughter started going through physical puberty the day after she turned 10 – and the emotional stuff started to kick in not long after. With my own menopausal hormones raging, we have some tough years ahead, I reckon!!!

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  7. I don’t have a hormonal pre-teen just yet – the boy is three but I hear your pain and worries. ten is so young isn’t it yet they are going through so many emotions and changes. im sure youll have it sorted before Lou gets there : ) #KCACOLS

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  8. Wow, this must be so strange and tough, being it’s your first shot at it! I’m sure you’ll do a great job and supporting your daughter though the changes, what else can a mama do, but be there to listen and love. #FabFridayPost

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  9. Oh no that sounds so difficult for everyone – I hope things settle down soon – though I must confess I am dreading the pre-teen and teenage years – I am still getting to grips with the terrible twos! #KCACOLS

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  10. Wow! This is a very interesting read. I was at boarding school – when it all started. So I had no mum figure to tell me what to do. It just happened and I just get on with it. Thank you for the head up I had no idea that it can start so young. But I will be there for my daughter and hopefully we can get through this together – though I’m not quite sure how yet… Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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  11. Yes, I am there. Well not me personally but I have a 10 year old girly. Yes it happens, I’ve poo pooed it a bit, thinking it was just attitude, trying it on and acting up. The school refer to hormones and I guess I though, like you, that they are too young. However, I stand corrected because I have realised this week that it is real. My daughter even looks pale and has dark circles and yet she’s so not ready to be grown up. Maybe we did go through it and no one took much notice. I’m now veering between empathy whilst at the same time worried that I’m rearing a monster. It’s a fine balance. Like you, I’m a bit of a pull yourself together kid kind of mum but I have to say there is certainly something going on. My lesson for this week is to empathise but keep on top of it if it gets silly. Good luck. There are many of us! #KCACOLS


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