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Halloween Party Games and Craft for Kids!

Whether you are hosting a party or just need something to do with the kids during the half term holiday, here are some fab Halloween games and craft ideas to get everyone in the ‘spirit’ of things! (See what I did there?!!)

Buzymum - Halloween title image

Find the Eye-ball Game!

You need 4 bowls (not see-through) and 4 tea-towels or cloths to cover each bowl. Put the following in each bowl:

  • Slimy worms- cold cooked spaghetti coated in a little oil
  • Ectoplasm- jelly, set then stirred up
  • Goo- corn-flour mixed with water
  • Blood and brains- baked beans or spaghetti hoops.

Place a glace cherry in each (the eye-ball) and instruct the kids to reach under the cloth to retrieve the eye-ball!

Jelly Slime, Lucky Dip

  • Make jelly in a large bowl using gelatin powder or sheets and lots of green food colour (you can use the jelly packs but these also contain sugar which makes it sticky and therefore more of a pain to clear up!).
  • Allow the jelly to partially set, then push small plastic/ rubber toys or wrapped sweets into it before letting it set completely.
  • Kids take turns to retrieve something from the murky slime

Buzymum - Halloween Luck Dip!

Danglin’ Donuts

  • Buy the small, bite size, ring donuts and tie a long piece of string to each
  • Tie each string to a garden cane so that the donuts are hanging down
  • Children race to eat the donut first without using hands!

Buzymum - The kids playing Danglin' Donuts

Apple Bobbing

  • Still a firm favourite though mine have insisted on getting out their goggles for this one in the past!!
  • Top tip: Don’t use pears- they sink!!

Buzymum - Apple Bobbing for Halloween

Musical monsters!

  • Musical statues but they have to pull a scary face and hold a ‘monster pose’ when freezing
  • Prizes go to the best faces/poses as well as catching out those that move when the music stops
  • Good Halloween music is essential to this game! Bring on the ‘Monster Mash’, ‘Thriller’ & ‘Time Warp’!

Buzymum - Kids playing Musical Monsters!

Mask Decorating

  • is great for buying seasonal arts and crafts including packs of Halloween masks, ready to decorate.
  • They are excellent value for money and you can fundraise for local schools and groups by buying through them too!

Decorate a Trick or Treat Bag, Box or Bucket

  • These are readily available in supermarkets and pound shops (or plain white from Yellowmoon) but most of the cheap ones are relatively plain.
  • Have the kids pimp them up with some Halloween stickers, glitter glue and googly eyes!!

Buzymum - Halloween arts and crafts

Have you got any Halloween games or arts and crafts that you are planning to do with the kids over the next couple weeks?

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23 thoughts on “Halloween Party Games and Craft for Kids!

  1. Halloween has brought so much excitement into my house now that I have kids. We have bought the outfits and now for the party planning. You have given me some great ideas. #ablogginggoodtime

    Amina xx

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  2. Great ideas, the kids must love parties at your house. I’m not having a party but I’m tempted to play the doughnut game anyway haha #bigpinklink

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh, these are amazing!! My children are going to their very first Halloween party next week, and I’ll suggest some of these activities to my friend, who is organising it! I know my children will love them. I especially like the find the eyeball game-sensory gross out overload! I’d quite like to have a go at that myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is an AMAZING amount of suggestions. I am limited to trick or treating and apple bobbing. Obviously need to develop my mummy skills! Haha I love the action shot of the donut eating…and the advice that pears sink! The musical statues idea is fab, bed you had lots of tongues sticking out! Thank you for sharing and linking with #KCACOLS I hope to see you next Sunday xx

    Liked by 1 person

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