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Wait, Why are we Moving?

Exciting news! We might be moving house! We’ve been considering a move for a while now, but nothing suitable has come up. To be fair, we’ve had really specific criteria and because our current house is in an ideal location, large enough for our needs and generally fabulously practical for a young family, we’ve had the luxury of being rather choosy. So, why do we want to move anyway? Well, having the Boy is rather like owing a dog! He needs running three times a day and wrecks the house if he’s cooped up inside. Lou’s main mode of travel is cartwheeling- everywhere and anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces. K likes nothing more than to explore and discover, she’s always loved finding bugs, worms and creepy-crawlies and is in her element den-building and climbing. We have ‘out-door’ kids and our current garden, like most in the area, is tiny.

Buzymum - Sprinkler fun in the garden  Buzymum - Finding bugs and housing them in the Bug Hotel

Buzymum - Playing in the garden with Daddy

J and I love old, interesting, period properties and though our current house ticks all the boxes on practicality, it’s a typical 1970’s build, devoid of any character, features or even fire-places. It was the blank canvas we needed at the time, in the ideal location for school catchments and walking everywhere while I was off work pushing buggies. Now life has moved on and all the kids are at school, we can afford to move a little further from the town and therefore gain more outside space for our money and have the house that we’ve dreamed of.

So, our house is going on the market and we need a major declutter, tidy up and general toy clear out. My first mistake- doing this with the kids. Generally speaking, to get my kids to help tidy up, it takes bribery, pleading and threats, but not today! No sooner had I got something out to place in the ‘to go’ pile, it was put away neatly and tidily, quicker than I could turn around! I gave up and settled for a pile of puzzles and some Duplo- the rest will need to be done while they are at school!

I moved on to the garden. I donned my trusty prickle-proof gloves, brandished my rusting secateurs and began to wage war on the invading ivy and brambles that poke through and climb over the fence from next door. I swear our neighbour actually cultivates the stuff! Having only attacked it a few months ago, I couldn’t believe how thick the ivy had become and there were actually blackberries on the brambles! After a couple of hours hacking away and being attacked randomly by stray ‘monster’ brambles, I had a full green wheelie bin. I stepped back to look at my handy work- it honestly didn’t look any different!! J meanwhile, had tidied and cleaned out the garage and shed, mowed the lawn, made a couple of trips to the dump and attempted to fix the kitchen tap (would have been successful if they had sent him the right part!).

I had a glass of wine!

The agent contacted us to arrange for a photographer to come and photograph the house, she sent a pdf with information on how to make your house look good in the photos. For the best photos you basically have to move out! She was coming the next day………..

That evening we managed to cram our lives into the loft, garage and various cupboards. By the time we had finished, every wardrobe in the house carried a serious safety risk, should anyone attempt to open one. Then it was time to clean, scrub and polish every visible surface- J went to gym half way through, it was just all too much for him! We were still cleaning and cramming late into the evening, had we realised the mammoth task, we would have at least given ourselves a few days to prepare!

So was it worth it? Oh yes, the photos are fantastic!

Buzymum - Clean tidy kitchen for the photos

The house looks hugely spacious, bright and clean, freshly decorated, lovely garden and really everything any family could want in a house.

Wait, why are we moving again?

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27 thoughts on “Wait, Why are we Moving?

  1. I think it sounds like a good time in your life to move house, Sonia. You deserve your dream house. Moving house IS the most stressful thing in the world but if it is for the better it makes it worth while and copable. I’ve had to move loads in my life, mostly because I am still renting or had mental house mates. My other half and I are just looking into the possibility of buying our own house, but as I’m not aloud to drive it’s going to be hard in this ridiculously expensive area. We would LOVE to move out of London. I personally want to be a countey bumpkin again, and go back to Deven where I grew up 🙂

    Wishing you all the luck in your new adventure. Xx


    1. Aww thank you! Fingers crossed it will all go ahead and to plan! Who am I kidding? Great blog posts are born from this type of stress and the unexpected!! Xx


    1. We have waited until the youngest is at school- couldn’t have done it with babies/ toddlers! Hopefully it will be our ‘forever home’ so the last time we do it! Xx


  2. Haha I remember when our old house went on the market, it had never looked better! I used to look at it all sparkling clean and spacious and ask myself the very same thing! It’s always worth it in the end though, I’m sure you will find somewhere wonderful and hopefully it will be a stress free move all round. I look forward to seeing your new home! #momsterslink

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  3. We thought about selling, had the agent come out and appraise and everything. Then I looked around at my screaming herd of ferrel children and the husband that is rarely home and thought…NOPE. Hats off to you lady!


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  4. Good Luck!! I swore when we moved to our current home i would never move again. Then the kids grew and moved out, and my father-in-law’s tiny house on the water needed buying… I too will be moving. And repairing. And cleaning. And storing. Ugh.

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  5. I had to leave my dream home we were renting to move to the house we actually purchased. The house we bought has an almost identical floor plan but it about 400 sq.ft. smaller. We’ve struggled to fit comfortably but after a year we are so happy we kept trying to downsize. So much cheaper and more practical than storing junk we rarely used anyways. Great luck on finding your perfect place with a giant yard for the kids to explore! #momsterslink

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  6. Ohhh your kitchen is beautiful! We are also planning to move, but not for a few years yet. Our eldest is about to turn 4, we are planning to move when he is 10, giving ourselves time to build up some equity etc. We have a 2-bed starter home at the mo, but I really would like both boys to be able to have their own space one day. x #momsterslink

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  7. Your doing the best thing by de cluttering now, I recently moved and started 10 weeks beforehand, it made the whole process really stress free and calm, with all of my planning… #fortheloveofBLOG

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  8. I can imagine I will be hiding everything in cupboards when we put our house on the market (not that we are planning it yet, we only moved in last year!) my husband already means we have too much stuff for our house! #KCACOLS

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  9. I think your house looks beautiful but I agree, once you’ve made up your mind that you want to live somewhere else, you can’t really go back from that. I also have many, many shove-it-all-in cupboards, ha! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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  10. Ha ha yes I remember feeling exactly the same when we tidied up our last place to sell. You certainly start to remember why you fell in love with it in the first place but life changes doesn’t it and we need a home fit for purpose. The kitchen does look fabulous in the pic – I have much envy – not at all 1970s!!!!! Good luck with the house buying/selling process. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  11. The kitchen looks lovely! We are always close to moving but like you the house fits. There’s no need to change it yet so currently we won’t. It will always be a topic of conversation every few months though I suspect.

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  12. Your kitchen looks stunning! We are waiting 3 years and then we plan to move and I do not look forward to any art of the process! Good luck, I am sure you will find your dream house with the right yard! #KCACOLS

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  13. Your house looks so beautiful! It’s hard, once we get all the jobs done and de-clutter ready for marketing, to not look around and think ‘but this actually looks great’!, but you have good reasons for moving, and it will all be worth it when you’re in the new place. Good luck! #KCACOLS

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  14. All the best with selling your house, the picture of the kitchen looks great – very spacious and clean! I didn’t realise that you were sent a guide on how to prepare your home for the photos to be taken. I hope that the search for a new house goes smoothly, and is not too stressful for you. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  15. Good luck! selling you house always make you de-clutter and then you wonder why you didn’t live without more stuff before! But hard not to accumulate stuff with kids. Hope you find your dream period house x #KCACOLS

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