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Mummies! Have you got the Energy to Keep up with your Kids?

Last Monday, J had a small knee operation (an arthroscopy) and has been sat with his leg up for a week now. Being really active parents, this has put a strain on our normal family life and really put into context the importance of keeping fit, healthy and active while being a parent! Though this was a minor op and he should be completely back to normal in a few weeks time, it doesn’t take away from the fact that kids don’t stop when you do! They keep going with their boundless energy and us mummies need to keep right up with them! Boy, have I been put through my paces this week!

Over the summer we were lucky enough to take two holidays abroad, one all-inclusive and therefore hugely over-indulgent and the other actively exploring our surroundings in Northern Spain. The kids loved rock-pooling and climbing around the rocky coves and catching butterflies along island walks. They kayaked on calm sea, body boarded in the waves and even practiced handstands on the beach (go Mummy!!). We had an awesome time!

Buzymum - K climbing on the rocks in Baiona  Buzymum - Kayaking in Baiona with Daddy

Buzymum - Rock-pooling in Baiona, Spain  Buzymum - The kids body-boarding in Baiona, Spain

Buzymum - Handstands on the beach in Baiona  Buzymum - Mummy's still got it!!

Now we are home, it’s time to get back to our usual healthy eating regime to stock up on those vitamins and minerals, we were probably lacking in our holiday diets. We are back to our usual routine of walking to school each day and I’m set to get into the gym a couple of times a week again. Weight bearing activity is so important for the growth, development and maintenance of strong bones in both children and adults (adults, not so much of the growing I’m afraid- just the maintenance!). Although cardiovascular activity, such as running, is good, lifting weight, is better (for adults only, pre-pubescent children should not be using weights). Don’t worry ladies, you won’t end up with a body like Arnie by lifting weights, just toned, healthy muscles, good posture and great bone density.

Buzymum - Posing for the camera
Lifting weights hasn’t given me ‘Arnie’s’ physique!!

It’s important to get professional guidance when using weights but it really doesn’t take long to get going and to start seeing some results. I’m really into my weight-training program now and can lift some pretty heavy weights for a girl! Admittedly, being a gymnast and then a health & fitness professional, gave me a good head start into this type of activity but it really is for everyone.

However, what if you struggle to get to the gym all that often and life gets in the way of a brilliantly balanced diet throughout the week? Nothing can replace a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise but supplements can help to keep you energised and protect your bones and tissues. Hellenia’s “Naticol® ProActive Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder 300g – Orange Flavour” is ideal for exactly that. It provides essential amino acids for joint protection; rebuilding tissues (ligaments, tendons and bones), along with increases in strength, muscle mass, and bone density.

So, I’m starting the new school year energised and ready to go! No time for sitting down, I’ll be chasing, playing, swimming and generally keeping up with my kids for the foreseeable future! Are you feeling ready for the school year ahead? Have you got the energy needed, to keep up with your kids?

Buzymum - Playing with the kids in the garden

This is a paid collaborative post for Hellenia health food supplement manufacturers. All opinions are my own.

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14 thoughts on “Mummies! Have you got the Energy to Keep up with your Kids?

  1. You’re so right! I consider myself a slightly older mum as I’m nearly 40 with two preschoolers. The amount of energy I need to keep up with them is crazy but it inspires me to keep active and look for more nutritious meal choices (with the occasional side of cake of course haha). Great tips. #momsterslink x

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  2. I workout regularly and eat fairly healthily and still wish I had more energy for the kids! I think it’s impossible to ever have as much energy as a pre-schooler but food and exercise do at least help a little!

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  3. I am pregnant so I definitely struggle to keep up with my little one. Looking forward to getting back to the gym and having some more energy 🙂

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  4. I was feeling energised after 2 weeks off work but my energy has taken a real hit with some hectic work days and now a cold 😦 But I agree completely with what you are saying. I try and stay active and exercise a few times a week. I do need to get back into more weight bearing exercise though. I do yoga weekly which does really test my muscles but I would like to do my kettlebells again. Thanks for giving me a nudge! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  5. I haven’t worked out since having the baby 14 months ago, and now he’s walking, I am really feeling how unfit I am! I was waiting until I’d gone back to work to get into a routine and get back to working out, but it’s been 2 months and I’ve run out of excuses!! I dread to think how hard it is to run after more than one child #fortheloveofBLOG

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  6. Well, you look amazing!! Good for you for keeping up such an active lifestyle! In my post this week, I’ve spoken about getting a gym routine that’s more specific to me needs, and the advice from the instructors was to do lots of weights, and lots of interval-so I’m working on building that up! We follow a paleo-ish diet (it’s too restricting for me to stick to 100%, but I do like a lot of the principles.) I do struggle to have the energy to run around after my toddler and threenager, but I usually get there!! I’ll look into the supplements, as anything to help will be a bonus!

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  7. I seem to have read numerous posts today all based around exercise! I’m going to take it as a hint and aim to get my lazy ass back to the gym!

    Been playing the new mummy card for way too long now!

    Time to put down the wine and pick up a carrot! xx #bigpinklink

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